Domain For Sale on eBay - - valued at over $3,000,000.00!!



I have been collecting and using domains since 1999, when I registered my first domain.  At my height I had over 200 domains, but the problem with this is simply the cost of renewing them all each year.  I have made money from selling some of the collectable domains, including which sold for around 1000% profit, and which sold for over 1800% profit!  I have let some of my celebrity-themed domains run out and slip through the net in the past, but I have kept some of the better ones for my own pleasure.... until now.  And now?  They can be yours.......


I have had valued by 4 independent valuers in 3 different countries.  They range in their given value, with the top value being over $3,000,000.00!  Realistically it probably isn't worth that much.  However, I do have a figure in mind that I would be happy with.  Sadly, I am in need of funds to help kickstart a new business venture, and so I am selling several domains that are currently not in use. has been registered continuously since 1999 by one person, who then sold it to me in 2006.  Apart from a blip of 1 hour in 2016 between registration at one registrar running out and new registration at a different registrar, I have owned it continuously since then.  The domain is currently registered with a registrar called Dynadot, and is paid up until March 2019.  In order to save money and for speed, I shall hand over control of the domain registrar account to the winning bidder after payment has been received.  That way, there are no extra fees until you decide to renew it.  You will then be able to stay with Dynadot or transfer to a different registrar.  All major Kylie domains are already registered; .com, .net, .org,, and so this coming onto the market is an ideal opportunity!

There is no reserve, and so the price listed is the price sold.  Please note, this will be listed on a 30 day sale, and I shall be endeavouring to contact a variety of news and media organisations in order to gain publicity and of course hopefully increase the selling range.  Please remember, this 'is' an online sale, and so only click Buy Now if you are serious and able to pay the end price.  Finally, 10% of the selling price will be going to support a local charity, Age Concern Suffolk, so by buying this you are also helping the elderly!  


Good Luck & God Bless!!!



(her first ever album cover back when I was a teenager!)



Payment is preferred via Paypal, due to ease of use and also the ability to avoid fraudulent claims.  I also accept payment electronically via Nochex and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers).  I will accept payment by cheque, although I will naturally delay processing the sale until after the cheque has cleared, as well as bank transfer.  Finally I will of course accept a nice amount of notes - preferably fifties!  I still dream of sleeping on a bed made of money!!  :)

Shipping is obviously digital and therefore instant.  Please note that it may take a day or 2 to email regarding access details for this domain.  

Please note, I like the idea of an auction, and so normally I like to keep auctions/online sales running till the end.  However, I am also a pragmatic businessman, and so if I get a rather 'nice' offer such as from artist management etc, I may decide to end the auction early.  This will not, however, happen unless I feel that the person is legitimate, and honest.  

The images of Kylie contained within were sourced via Google Images.  If anyone feels that they have an issue with copyright, please contact me so we can discuss the issue.  



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